sinamay with little dots, width 0,90m, slightly stiffened in white /black dots, red/white dots and navy/ white dots

sinamay with sweet little dots

width 0,90m

slightly stiffened

  • white with black dots
  • red with white dots
  • navy with white dots




classic colours, pastell and colour gradient, width 0,90m

             our summer special:

  • blue-turqoise-blue
  • navy-beige-navy
  • orange-yellow-orange
  • beige-nature-beige

hemp capeline colour range

hemp capeline

brim approx.10cm

width of braid approx. 0,6cm


wheat straw

  • 4/5 mm width in nature
  • 6/7 mm width in nature
  • 8/9 mm width in nature
  • 12/13 mm width in nature & bleached