pearwood with pale natural bristles

lubrified beechwood with dark natural bristles

millinery scissors

nickel plated, total length 6,5""


hat measuring tool in scissors design

stainles steel/brass

mearures size 49-62

head size gauger

black plastic

measures size 48-63

Spiral, metal, for fixing the hood at the wooden block. Flexible headwidth



for fixing the hood at the hat block

flexible headwidth

pins, total length approx. 2,5 cm, length of needle approx. 1,2 cm, 100 pcs. per box


total length approx. 2,5 cm

lenght of needle approx. 1,2 cm

100 pcs per box

excellent grip due to elaborate handle

pushpin, total length approx. 1 cm, 220 pcs per box


total length approx. 1 cm

220 pcs. per box

fur cutter blades, while stocks last

fur cutter blades


while stocks last